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Camp Norwesca was established as a camp for Christian education in 1954, and covers approximately 40 acres bordered by the Chadron State Park to the north and the Nebraska National Forest on the other three sides. The late Dr. C.M. Pierce of Chadron is credited with establishing the camp, but the name was developed by Mabel Kendrick, using the first few letters of each word –NOrth WESt CAmp— to signify that it is the camp of the Northwest District of the United Methodist Church

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Timeline of History

1954-Camp Established, first primitive camp held with tents, cold water, and cooking fire

1955-the lodge and bathhouse were built. 

1957- The Dorm and Office areas were built on to the lodge along with 6 cabins. An additional four cabins were added along with a central bathhouse.

1960- Craft Cabin Built. Future site of the chapel is established.

1961- Ground broke on the Chapel. House and shop on site are built.

1995-the new Lodge addition was built. The addition includes a retreat kitchen, commons area,16 lodging rooms and 8 restrooms with showers.

2010- New central showerhouse built

August 28th 2012- Ash Creek Fire began. 32 of the 40 acres of Camp Norwesca suffered burn damage. This fire also destroyed 7 of the 10 original cabins and the ropes course. Many other buildings on the property had suffered smoke damage.

August 29th 2012-Evacuations begin. 

September 2nd 2012- Camp staff allowed back to assess damage and clean up begins.

Fall of 2014- Ground broke on 2 MetCalf Cabins. 

April 2015- MetCalf Cabins finished.

Spring 2019- New challenge course completed by VIM Team. Three Aparatuses were built.

Phoneix Ampitheatre is built from leftover timber from the 2012 fire.

May 2019- New Camp Norwesca entrance sign by the Chadron State Park Entrance.

Spring of 2022- over 10,000 trees have been planted since the 2012 fire.

September 2023- Pergola swing in Cabin area built by VIM Team.

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2017-Katelin Calhoun

2018- Meg Ingalls

2019- Meg Ingalls

2020- Ethan Porter

2021- Ethan Porter

2022- Brandi May

2023- Brandi May

Current-Brandi May

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