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A/C Lodge Expansion Fundraiser

We are happy to announce that "Phase One" has been completed of our first sets of central A/C units! Currently, we have window air conditioning units in each of our lodge bedrooms, kitchen and dining area, but these window a/c units are not efficient. For "Phase One"; new central air A/C units were added to our lodge rec room, fireplace retreat area and offices.

During the summer months when it unsafe for our campers to enjoy the outdoors due to high temperatures, they have activities in the lodge. This central A/C unit will give our campers, groups and staff the opportunities to continue to enjoy Camp Norwesca indoors while it is unsafe to be outside. "Phase Two" would include the addition of central a/c to our remaining lodge rooms, conference room and commercial kitchen. We would like to have our "Phase Two" complete for the upcoming Summer Camp 2023 season.


We appreciate all of your support!



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