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Camp Ambassadors

Are you the one that helps make sure your church gets to Camp? Thank you, you are a Camp Ambassador!

Summer Camp can have a major impact on a camper’s life, but it can also have a significant impact in the life of a church.  Churches that get the most out of summer camp make it part of their intentional discipleship plan for children and youth.

Instead of simply pinning the summer camp flyer on the bulletin board, consider rethinking summer camp.

Tips to make Camp great at your church:

  • Choose a week to dedicate as your church's camp week. You will find information about all the different weeks of camp offered here.

  • Get the word out! Publicize the week that you have chosen to come to camp. Set a date for a Camp Sunday to promote camp and invite our staff to come speak.

  • Fundraise and provide scholarships, #1 way to get kids to camp. Your church can offer camper scholarships to help kids and families get to camp.

  • Plan and organize transportation. Get a group of volunteers to carpool and bring all the campers together. Meet at the church and have a fun send off.

  • Celebrate camp! Give your kids a chance to share their camp experience. Have a lunch after church or have an ice cream social with all of your campers.

Additional Info:

  • Camper Grade Level - is based on the grade they will be going into in the fall.

  • Deposit – There is a required $50 deposit to be able to sign up for camp.

    • If your church provides scholarships to help pay for camp, families can pay their part online and we can bill the church for the remaining amount.

    • If your church pays 100% of the camper registration fee, give us a call and we will give you a code to share with parents to bypass the deposit.

  • Camp Pastors - Experience the magic of summer camp as a camp pastor! This special opportunity brings clergy and children together for a week of connection. Encourage your church to send clergy for a unique chance to build relationships. Plus, pastors can enjoy the option of a private room!

  • Adult Volunteers - Be a volunteer at camp! We're calling for weekly volunteers – ideal for non-clergy staff and parents. Your presence means confident, successful campers. Choose a private lodge room or cabin for free. All adults must hold a current Safe Gatherings Certification. Join the adventure now!

Registration is online - How to help families without internet access:

  • Call the camp office 308-432-3872 and we will register them by phone.

  • Do it with them at the church office

If there are any questions about this process, please feel free to contact us.

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