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Common Questions

What time is camper drop-off and pick-up?

Check-in is at 3:00 P.M.(MST) and Pick-Up is at 3:00 P.M.(MST) The days for Check-In and Check-Out vary depending on the camp. You can find the days on the Summer Camp tab under the camp that your child is attending. You will also receive an email the week before their camp with check-in and check-out info specific to your child’s camp.

Check-in is located in the Lodge. Drop off luggage and turn in any missing forms. Make sure you have your camper’s medication with you, not packed in their luggage. You will then meet your child’s counselor and be escorted to your cabin to get settled in. Be sure to stop in at the Out Post before you leave to receive your camper’s water bottle and bag. You may also add money to your campers Camp Store Account, if you wish. There will be a set time everyday where your camper may make purchases from the Out Post. A snack and a drink are included in the cost of camp for every camper but if they want to purchase additional items they will need money added to their account.

Is there a deposit required for registration?

Yes! At the time of registration, a deposit will be required to complete registration.

This helps with upfront costs per camper. Deposit amounts are $50. If you have a discount code that covers all or some of your camper fee, your required deposit of $10 will be applied

to your campers camp store account.

Can my child and friend(s) be in the same cabin group?

A camper may request up to two friends of the same age and/or grade to be in a cabin with them. You will need to list these requests in the cabin request box on your camper’s application. To make your request valid, your camper’s friend(s) must also request your camper on their registration form. We do our best to honor these requests but they are not guaranteed.

My camper has allergies/dietary restrictions. Do you accommodate?

We gladly accommodate allergies to the best of our ability; however, we are not a peanut-free environment. If your child has extremely severe reactions to nuts, we do not recommend that they attend to ensure they’re safety. For mild allergies or dietary restrictions, please clearly state them in detail on your child’s health history form while enrolling them in a camp session. This form can be found by clicking the Campers Register button and logging into your CampBrain account, then select forms. If you do not have a CampBrain account you will have to create one to fill out the forms. Questions, contact us at 308-432-3872.

What if my camper gets homesick?

If campers do get homesick, we usually try to calm them down or engage them in activities first to see if they can overcome it. If the camper does seem extremely sad or homesick, we will call the parents to decide how they would like to handle the situation (encourage them to stay/pick up the camper etc.) Sometimes hearing their parent’s voice can help a camper make it though the week. No refunds will be issued if a camper leaves due to homesickness.

Can I send mail to my camper?

Yes! Be sure to begin mailing letters a week ahead of time. It is important to indicate on the envelope which week your child will be here. If you want to send your child a package, please consider size. We recommend the post office issued Priority Mail boxes. Please do not send food or candy. Address mail and packages as follows:

Camper Name

Week of Camp

Camp Norwesca

79 Camp Norwesca Rd

Chadron, NE 69337

Alternatively, if you have your packages ready, feel free to bring them when you drop-off your camper and we will hold and distribute them on the days you’d like them to distributed. This ensures they make it to your camper and don’t arrive after they’ve left!

What is the Camp Store?

Campers may deposit money into an account that is used to purchase, candy, drinks, T-shirts, and camp souvenirs. We suggest between $20 – $30/camper for a week at camp. At the end of each week, all remaining balances can either be donated to our Scholarship Fund, or refunded back to the camper. If your child is attending multiple weeks of camp the balance is rolled over to the next week. Deposits for the Camp Store can be made via; Cash, Check, Credit or Debit Card. 

Why wasn't my discount reflected in my balance?

Our registration system does not automatically deduct all offered discounts. Please visit our Ways To Save page for more details.

Do you have scholarships available?

Yes, please visit our ways to save page for more information.

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